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Friday, February 29, 2008

Heavy Heart :(

Well, I actually had a chance to read through my comments today and I gotta tell you....I deleted not one but four nasty remarks made by some apparently ungrateful people. I usually find those kind of comments a bit funny in a sad way and things don't usually get to me like this but my heart was so heavy after four of them that I just had to let my voice be heard.

For anon. #1... (Why are you cowards always anonymous?)... that posted your comment here at Jacked Ur Scraps....Yes, I like 45 degree angles and clean lines. If you don't, then don't download them! That's my style and I make no apologies for that! For anon. #2....No, I don't leave a lot of room for "journaling". I make pages that I myself use and I don't journal a lot so...that's what you get. If you think it's "crap" and "useless" then find your quick pages elsewhere...BYE!!

For anon. #1 & #2 that left comments on VQPP....If you don't use Cd labels and Bookmarks than move on....no one is forcing you to download my stuff. I offer my freebies for those who may want to use them, I can't please everyone nor am I going to try to!

For anyone else who may be thinking about leaving a rude comment...Don't waste your time or mine! I do not intend on addressing this issue any further and they will just be deleted and forgotten!! You should also remember the old saying.

"If you can't say something nice, then maybe your a heartless, ungrateful, sad waste of air that probably needs a good psychiatrist." I think that's how it goes :)

Constructive criticism is always welcome but "crap" "useless" and my personal favorite.."lame a**" ?....please.

I haven't decided if I'm going to keep this blog going. It's not like I get a lot of traffic anyway. lol. I'll have to think about if it's worth it. Regardless, I will still offer my pages at VQPP for as long as Netta will have me! :)

For all the others who leave such sweet comments....THANK YOU!! I know I haven't said it here but I DO appreciate you!! You're awesome!
*Sigh*.....Okay, I'm sorry if I have offended anyone but I think it needed to be said.
Now I have to go repent. LMBO

God Bless you all!


catlady aka catslave said...

I will never understand people like the ones you just blogged about (thank goodness.) You do NOT need to repent and if anyone was offended, there must be a reason they would be. I'm glad you spoke up. I, for one, am very, very grateful to you for the inspired, beautiful work that you so willingly and frequently share with us.

Anonymous said...

CC, I'm so sorry anyone said nasty things to you! Why people waste their time doing mean things, I'll never understand.

I just want you to know that I appreciate all of your wonderful gifts! I think you are wonderfully talented and very generous with us all.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much! :)

God bless you! K

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Rusty!!!
Well to start I think you summed it up pretty good!!!!
These people are cowards not to use their own names when leaving a comment like that & if they dont like it dont DL it!!!!!!!

Sorry for shouting!!!!!!!!!!
A HUGE GIANT HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boo said...

I am utterly bewildered why anyone would waste what they feel is their precious time actually going to the effort of writing the nasty comment. If you don't find something you can use, MOVE ON GRACIOUSLY, there are plenty that do love what Rusty creates, in her OWN time, in her OWN style and that she offers willingly and freely to all who visit.

Please don't waste your time, or ours by visiting any of us if you do not like our style. Your comments mean nothing, how can they without a REAL person to back them up? If you really feel so strongly about it, make yourself known and have the courage to put a face/name to your comment. After all, it takes a great deal of courage for us to put our faces/names to what we make and then give away. We are always aware that there maybe some thoughtless, uncaring, talentless person out there who may just decide to tread all over us, usually because they are envious of the fact that we can create and they can't.

Rusty, you are on my team because your talent is AWESOME and you are a truly LOVELY person. Please don'e let petty wasters who have NO LIFE hurt you with gutter comments. Leave them where they belong, in the gutter along with their comments. Those of us who visit you and grab your freebies do so because we love you and what you do and I know, I do my blog for those special ones who DO count so please don't give up. You are so so much better than them. Don't let them win.

Love you girl, you ROCK
Boo x

LilyBelle said...

Oh, Rusty ...
I know how rotten it makes one feel when the comments are nasty. Don't let them get to you. I think you do beautiful BB pages and as far a journaling goes - how much text do you want to put in a brag book for heaven's sake. If you want a lot of text - do a full-sized layout. It pleases me a lot to see how you use my papers and elements. For the few who are such miserable examples of the human race, I'm sure there are many, many more who sincerely appreciate what you offer so freely. I've always felt that nasty comments are expressions of jealousy and, as far as I can see, you have no need to repent.


Anonymous said...

There are many people that enjoy your work. Thanks for the brag pages. They are wonderful. Your time and talent are greatly appreciated.

patchas said...

How pathetically sad. I have so little time to spend on the computer, why would anyone waste it on rude comments. How sad for you. Please realize that there are many more good people out there... people who appreciate the trouble and effort and time that goes into making a freebie and posting it for others to grab (most often without even a thank you). These same people are probably those who grab and run. Ignore them, feel sorry for them, even pray for them. How sad their lives must be. I, for one, appreciate every freebie effort. If it is not my style, I move on. Not everything is my color or my size or something I like, but I know how much went into making it, and I smile and think how nice it was that that person did it anyway. God bless you for your kindness. Have a great day, God loves you, and I think you are pretty great too.

blue24k2000 said...

Hello Rusty,
This is the very first time I have stumbled across your blog. I have to say--IT IS AWESOME. Sweetie, don't let the few nasty want a be's ever hurt you again. They are NOT worth wasting one second on. I agree with Boo 100%. You hold your head up and don't let any of that bother you for one meor second. THEY ARE NOT WORTH IT !!!! Your work and your sharing is absolutely awesome and I truely wish I had found your site before now. I am bookmarking so I can return again.
*HUGS* to you and always
SMILE !!!!!!
Carolyn ;-)