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Friday, February 27, 2009

4shared links disabled...

Hi Everyone,

I was just informed that 4shared is advertising porn while waiting for the freebie download links. I can't and won't be a partner, even in a small way, to anything that is against my morals! So for the time being, I'll be disabling all of my freebie links until the matter is cleared up or until I get my freebies uploaded to an alternative place.....whichever comes first. I'm sorry for the inconvenience but I wont take the chance of someone being exposed to that kind of trash because of me. I hope you all understand and I'll get the links all up and running again soon!
Again, I'm sorry for the trouble.

God Bless,


TerriM said...

Thanks for taking action with this issue. I for one would get offended if I was lead to a porn site. Thankfully so far, I haven't had that problem yet. Hugs--xoxo!! (terri - hawaii)

snugs said...

YOU GO GIRL! Thanks for standing up to that crap! I'm so sick of T&A everywhere you look these days. As far as I'm concerned Women are taking a giant leap backwards with all the exploiting of female bodies going on in TV and the internet anymore. Isn't a day goes by we don't see at least a naked breast someplace!
Big Hugs

sunnygrl2425 said...

There is an Award for you on my Blog! :')

Donna said...

thank you!

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