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Friday, November 7, 2008

They Dont Suck Too Bad.......

Hi everyone,
I haven't been back for a while because I had some oral surgery done on my big fat head. I was doing okay until I got what is called "Dry Socket". It's wonderful! that is, If being in so much pain that you want to slam the door on your face....repeatedly......is what you consider wonderful.
I was thoroughly convinced at one point that the Dr. had removed my impacted tooth through my left ear. Yeah, it's been that bad. I am on the mend though and I want to show you a little something I've been working on.......

Now I know it's nothing spectacular, but I had fun :P and I think some of y'all might even like them :)

Anyway, I'll be posting them in a couple of days so be sure to check back! Also, if any of you can think of something that's not included in the preview that you might like to see made, let me know in the comment section and I'll see what I can come up with.

Okay....that's it for now. Til later,

God Bless,


lwlittlebit said...

Thanks so much for the cute felt elements! You asked for anything else we'd like. I'd love some felt papers to go with the elements if possible. A felt santa would be great, too! ((HUGS)) Linda

Rose said...

Yes, I agree, some cute papers, and maybe some gingerbread men or some christmas cookies?? Very cute and fun though, love it!!

Debbie said...

These are absolutly adorable! I'll agree with some papers and gingies though. Round it out nicely :) Thanks for designing and sharing these.

MIchelle in MN said...

I just love these felt elements...they have such texture and dimension. Thank you very very much! I have a request for Gingerbread people, penguins or even polar bears. Any of these would look great in the felt style.
Thank you so very much for sharing your talent and hard work with us. Glad to hear you are feeling better..so sorry you had to go thru that nasty and painful dry socket.

Stacye said...

OK...so I'm a little slow on the draw... didn't know you even had a blog til now...but now that I know...I'll be leavin you some love! I love you "Not so Suckish" Bits.
OWIE...been there many years ago, no fun! Whoever said there is no worse pain than childbirth... hasn't had dry socket :-(
I love your the music on your blog...sound very familiar ;-)
I'm gonna go check out the rest of your blog now :)
luv n peace